My Crusade for Preventing and Curing Retinal Diseases

Members of my family suffer from retinal disorders. It drives me crazy to see their vision decline as I stand by, helplessly. If I had millions (or billions), I would dump it all into retinal research. I’m cautiously optimistic that there will either be cures or treatments in the upcoming decades, but I want to speed up the process. I had seen the first signs of eye disease in my loved ones in 2011, and I had thought I would start my crusade then. But life got in the way, and my focus (no pun intended) was lost. Now that another loved one will be undergoing surgery to preserve a weak retina, I am determined more than ever to pick up my standard and march into battle. If you read my blogs, then get ready for a new paradigm shift; I will be launching projects that raise awareness and raise money. My hope is that the research and therapies brought about by my efforts will not only help my loved ones, but perhaps people you know as well. Perhaps people who are not yet born, but will benefit from the work we do now.

Will you join me in this crusade?

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