The Four D’s

I recently came across this on a Twitter feed from Time/motto. It was an article on the six things the most organized people do every day. The first thing is to clear your mind, and within that article was a sub category that I call the “Four D’s.” They are:

Do It

Delegate It

Defer It

Drop It

I had known it before as just three things to do (Act on it, File it, Trash It), but #2 was new to my list, and was added if you have an administrative assistant. But if you don’t have an assistant, you may have a colleague who has the expertise to handle it. In these busy days, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.

But getting back to the list: For every piece of paper, memo, flyer, envelope, etc. your get in your in-bin, apply one of the Four D’s to it immediately. Once done, your mind will be clear to stay organized and act on the other important things that you were hired (or destined!) to do, Go get it done.

The full article (loaded with other great “Stay Organized / Get It Done” ideas) is here:



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