Top 10 things of top 10 things.

As I slowly phase out my presence on Facebook and spend more time on Twitter (follow me @gsafko), I look forward to leaving the world of food pictures, cute kittens, and political extremes, and embarking on a journey with a little more substance (at least in my opinion.)

If you follow me, you will see that I re-tweet daily “numerical” affirmations to live by. I say they are numerical, as they usual begin with something like, “Top 7 ways to get more accomplished,” “Top 9 time-wasters that successful people never do,” and “Top 5 things you can do to get a promotion.”, to name a few.

It may seem that I have become more materialistic in my outlook, but that is far from the case. Rather, I want people to see that they can make small changes in their lives and use those changes to become happier with their jobs and family lives, to feel more accomplished, and to enjoy life a little more.

So, follow me on Twitter @gsafko, but don’t forget these blogs!

Twitter keeps you to 140 characters, and I will try to keep my blogs to less than 300 words (the number of words on a single sheet of paper, double spaces, with 1 inch margins).

My next blog will be on the pros and cons of “To-Do” Lists. And I’ve seen some blogs and tweets on having a “To-Don’t” list. One size does not fit all, so hopefully we can build some dialog on this important topic that has powerful applications in your personal, professional, and family lives.

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